My name is Montse and I am the owner of CAL DON JUAN. Today I welcome you to this website, I hope to meet you personally very soon and that you can enjoy a good stay in a privileged corner with views of the Montsant Mountain.
Next, let me introduce you how is CAL DON JUAN and TORROJA DEL PRIORAT. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact.

CAL DON JUAN is a RURAL TOURIST APARTMENT located in Torroja del Priorat (Tarragona) with views of the Montsant Mountain. It is a construction of the 19th century built by Don Juan Vall i Vall, great-grandfather of the owner and historical figure of Torroja. The apartment, about 50 m2, completely renovated, is on the ground floor easily accessible at street level. It has a double bedroom, bathroom with shower, hot water, living room with TV + sofa bed for two, full kitchen (microwave, electric oven, hob, coffee machine, washing machine, dryer, etc ...), wi-fi, heating, large dining room and terrace of 20 m2 with incredible views of Torroja del Priorat and Montsant Mountain (see photos).
Cambrils beach is just 30 min. by car.
Free parking close to the apartment.
Habitatge d'us turístic: HUTT-038366-29

CAL DON JUAN is at the entrance of TORROJA DEL PRIORAT, in the region of El Priorat, known worldwide for the quality of its wines. Located opposite the Montsant Mountain which provides spectacular views, and next to the restaurant Cal Joc where you can taste the typical dishes of Priorat, such as truita amb suc or rabbit with chocolate. Also recommended are the "esmorzars de forquilla", sandwiches or mixed dishes that Patricia will serve at Cal Ganxo.
Torroja del Priorat is located in the center of the region, in the middle valley of the Siurana River, and located in the Coll de la Serra to the left of the river.
There are remains of the old fortifications of the town. Parts of the Saracen tower that gave name to the municipality. The door and a grate of an old prison are also visible.
The cobbled streets are mostly narrow and irregular, with stones of a bluish tone that surprises the visitor.
Torroja has a municipal swimming pool to which the clients of CAL DON JUAN have free access.

Inside Cal Don Juan...

How to get to CAL DON JUAN ...

It is reached by road from Falset on the T-710 to Gratallops and continuing on the T-711; from Reus on the N-420, the TP-7402 (by Porrera) and the T-7403; from Cornudella de Montsant on the C-242 and T-7402 (to Porrera) and from here on the T-7403.
GPS Coordinates: 41.212880, 0.809640
Google Maps Plus Codes: 6R75+4R

What can you do at Torroja del Priorat


Bravo Escós - Las Nubes, Partida Plans, Pol 4 Par 116
Celler Aixalà i Alcait, Balandra 43.
Celler Cristian Francès Bretón, Hospital 14
Celler Escoda Pallejà, Font 16
Celler Melis, c/ Bassa 9
Celler Rotllan Torra, Balandra 6
Celler Sabaté Franquet, Era 25
Celler Sabaté i Mur Vinaters, Major 47
L'Infernal, Partida Hort Tancat
Terroir al Limit, Baixa Font 12

Torroja del Priorat It stands out for its impressive and distinguished vineyards, olive and almond trees where peace and tranquility reign.


Taking advantage of their stay in CAL DON JUAN during their season, they have the opportunity to go out into the forest to look for the typical rovellons, an authentic pleasure of the local gastronomy that can be prepared in their fully equipped kitchen.
These are some of the possibilities offered by the rovellons:

Diferentes formas de cocinar los rovellons
Más recetas de rovellons
Rovellons a la catalana

ECOTOURISM & CULTURE: Hiking, bicycle, etc...

The surroundings of Torroja del Priorat have a wide range of routes for hiking at any time of the year. There are so many that do not fit in this space. Better consult Wikiloc
More info of the Parc Natural del Montsant

No less are those that can enjoy the BTT fans. In Turisme Priorat you will find a list of routes.Interpretation and Reproduction Center of the Mediterranean tortoise in Marçà, the Castell and Falset Regional Museum or the Bellmunt del Priorat Mines.


In the area of the Montsant have been established in recent years a lot of routes for climbers (freeclimbing), which is more impressive, for people who prefer to hang on a rock to have both feet on land. There are climbing routes in Siurana, in Montsant itself (La Morera and Scala Dei) and also in Margalef - for example near the hermitage of San Salvador). Some people go further and enter the narrows of La Frejus. All these formations are also interesting for those who do not want to climb because the beauty and color of the rocks are unique and fascinating at all hours, without talking about the shapes and profiles that change with each bend of the road. More info.

Sant Miquel Arcángel Church, neoclassical, with baroque elements, built between 1766 and 1767, has a Baroque organ in a romantic French style, built by Jean Pierre Cavailler in the 18th century. It is considered one of the historical organs of Catalonia. The organ has its own mystery. In a piece of wood that serves as a support for mechanics, the phrase "Tell mother that I cry more for her". No one until today has discovered its meaning. Every summer there is a concert with this organ within the Cicle d'Orgues de Catalunya program. In Torroja del Priorat we also find the Museu Joan Pàmies that has a particular collection dedicated to the tools of the field and the utensils used for wine making.
In Torroja lives the plastic artist Montserrat Aixalà i Blasco that has the workshop and an exhibition hall.

Most important events in TORROJA DEL PRIORAT

Juegos Florales: Every 2nd saturday in may. With poets from Catalonia
Fiesta mayor: September 29th, Sant Miquel Day.

La Nit de Vins (Wines Nigth): At the end of august

Fira del Vi (Wines Fair): May 3, 4 & 5 in Falset
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Cal Don Juan is located on:
Balandra 1,
43737 Torroja del Priorat

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Ajuntament de Torroja del Priorat
Consell Regulador DO Priorat
Priorat Torroja
Ruta de Torroja del Priorat

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Cooperativa Agricola de Cabacés (Oil)
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